Thermaland Oaks is a place of separation from materialism and commercialism allows a greater focus on nurturing sustenance and shelter into an ideal reality of our dreams.

Join us on our journey.


what thermaland oaks means to us

The Thermalands is a small community in the foothills of Placer County, California. Subdivided and marketed in the early 1920’s for its ability to grow substantial citrus crops and harvest many weeks earlier, the Thermalands flourished with farm plots of all sorts. The thermally buffered rolling hills graced with grand oaks have served as the perfect setting to develop our homestead and build our dreams. Thermaland Oaks alludes to the splendor and viability that drew us to plant our roots here to raise crops and critters on our piece of this bountiful earth.


about us

Overwhelmed by the commercial saturation consuming every aspect of our lives, we turned to self sufficiency and living off the land. I'm Christina, the now Farmgirl, Crazy Goat Lady & Builder who took to learning how to homestead from the ground up. I have created this page in order to share all that I have learned on this journey to aid others attempting to shake the processed and packaged lifestyle consuming our lives.

My husband, Trevor & I have created our homestead through our passion and love for a more pure and holistic lifestyle and hope we can help you build yours.

Living out here requires a fervent dedication to what truly matters most. A separation from materialism and commercialism allows a greater focus on nurturing sustenance and shelter into an ideal reality of our dreams. Join us on our journey here at Thermaland Oaks.


Meet the Thermaland Oaks Team



Nutritionist, Farm girl, & Founder, Thermaland Oaks

From Bay Area raised to attending college at CSU Chico studying Nutrition, and now settling down on our homestead in the foothills of Placer County. I have learned to take my passion of healthy food, wellness, and farm to fork mentality into a lifestyle. I absolutely love to plant my garden and harvest the most nutritious and seasonal foods possible. Follow along and learn with me in my endeavors of developing our homestead. As we delve into our triumphs and tribulations I want to share our DIY process and construction as we add on for Phase 2 of our modern farmhouse build.

My long term goals: Mini donkey breeder, & flower farmer.




Agriculture Pilot, Builder & Creative Director

Trevor is a jack of all trades. I never knew when I found the man of my dreams he would be able to one day build our home from the ground up. We are 20 something year olds who are learning what the American dream is. We bought a piece of dirt and are building our dream home from the ground up and learning all about ‘for better and worse’. Trevor has successfully learned how to be a plumber, electrician, framer, roofer, and every other trade you can think of in order to successfully build a home by googling, you-tubing, and reading how to books.

He also is the more reasonable one when it comes to the amount of animals we gather on our homestead, if it was not for him I would have an arc.


The Celebrities of Thermaland Oaks



Bean is our old soul. She is the most devoted and kindest Yellow lab to ever walk this earth. She has persevered everything and is the greatest bird huntress, snuggle buddy, cohort and adventure companion around. Bella’s extensive lifelong training in posing for pictures has rendered her the most photogenic canine in history, and for that we simply love her.



Piper the peanut is our crazy red head. She is a Fox Red Lab and she is full of energy. She is great at entertaining herself for hours on end and when it comes time to harvest our bountiful garden the bell peppers don’t stand a chance. They are her absolute favorite and she eats every single one she picks. Crazy by day, snuggly by night, Piper is a one of a kind character.



Summer was found abandoned in a barn on a neighbors property. She made her way to us about 2 weeks old. She has been our first bottle baby who loves cuddles, treats, and climbing on your back. If she hears your voice on the homestead she will call you to let her out of the pen. She is best sidekick who also loves to stray away from your side and eat leaves off the apple tree!



Invaders don’t stand a chance against the watchful eye of Archer, our Great Pyrenees/Akbash mix. He is a working dog whose duties include protecting his flock, herding his posse and melting the hearts of all humans who dare to meet his gaze. He is the kindest, sweetest soul and is truly dedicated to his purpose. Rain or shine, Archer is there for his critters and is the greatest ranch hand a homestead could hope for.


Thank you!

I love sharing our journey in hopes that it will help anyone else on their own homestead dreams- feel like they have some good company in enjoying helping you discover the most beautiful modern farmhouse design inspiration, homemade recipes, and homesteading tips & ideas! Thermaland Oaks is a place of hope for the future if your ultimate goal is to start your dream life in the slow lane on your own dream homestead.

Thanks for coming here to join me,