Fall front porch decor


Tips on how to decorate your farmhouse front porch for fall

Fall 2018 is the first year we were able to decorate our newly built home and it is an exciting holiday season!


For the front porch decor I went with natural elements of the homegrown pumpkins we grew in our garden this year. I was so excited to get the pumpkins started to grow for the purpose of decoding our front porch with, when we are done with the fall decor we will feed the pumpkins to the animals. The chickens, goats, and sheep love to eat the insides of the pumpkin that also have many positive health benefits for them as well but I will share about that in another post.

Another way we decorated the front porch was with an old rocker from my Grandma’s house and lots of garden fresh vegetables. There is a mixture of butternut squash, zucchini and pumpkins spread in the farmhouse metal buckets spread around the door. The cute part is our red lab Piper sometimes picks them up to play with. The not so cute part is when your front porch decor gets spread around your property!



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