Reasons to Raise Goats on your Homestead: Here are 6

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There are so many beneficial reasons to raise goats! Here are six!

Why raise goats you ask? I have found out they are amazing! When we first bought our acreage it was undeveloped which means there was lots of poison oak and overgrown bushes everywhere. For some of you that are allergic {like me!} to poison oak ..goats were a must. One of the first priorities for us was to make sure the pasture perimeter for the goats was secure. The required figuring out the best fencing. once we established the pastures were secure, we made there was water access and a water trough for the goats.


The specific bread of goat we first purchased were Nigerian Dwarfs and they are very sneaky. If you have a small hole in your fence or a gate that is not secure they will make their way out and find hay pile. They will welcome themselves to an early dinner if they get out.


Here are 6 of the main reasons to raise goats on your homestead:

1. Weed Control -They love to graze land with weeds & poison oak. I have heard poison oak is a treat for the goats. I do know that is is hard to eradicate on a property and each season I am looking forward to them eating this treat. {This was a double win for me!}

2. Milk - It has the same benefits as cows milk but it tends to be more tolerant for people to digest. Also if you ever have any bottle baby boats you ca freeze extra if a baby if ever in need. This is how we got Summer she was a bottle baby that her mom abandoned. you never know when extra milk in the freezer will come in handy for a baby animal.

3. Meat -Any goat can be used for meat, it is a good idea to choose a breed or certain crosses to get the best quality and amount of meat possible. For me all my goats are pets!

4. Fiber or Wool- Production of these materials are often associated with sheep but goats can product such extravagant fibers as well. Cashmere can be produced from many breeds of goats. Cashmere is in high demand. It was can removed / combed off the undercoat of the goat. White, brown or gray colored goats are preferred than mixed colored goats.

5. Entertainment - Have you ever watched goat yoga? Or baby goats (kids) jumping off a rock while spinning in a circle? The hours of entertainment I have learned fall in love with from goats put a smile on my face. I constantly take pictures of them and send them to my husband or walk up to the house to show me. He will laugh and say I know I can see them jumping from here. Got the love of goats just get them already; you will not be disappointed!


6. HOW CUTE THEY ARE! One of the cutest baby animals in my opinion!

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