How to get Blue Chicken Eggs


Sharing today on the blog how to get blue chickens eggs with all the tips & tricks you will need to know!

Before we had our homestead we would purchase eggs from the store and there you only have two choices most of the time white and brown eggs. They might say free range or farm fresh but they are nothing like the eggs you can produce in your own backyard with your own chicken flock. When Trevor & I got our first batch of chicks and they were a mixture of types of chicken with some that would lay a variety of brown shaded eggs and a few light blue eggs.

It was not until our second year homesteading that I got a little fire in me about getting beautiful rainbow vibrant colored eggs. My dream was in the beginning of our homestead building processes was to have deep greens and blues with brown eggs with spots mixed in with some chocolate colors. That is why I wanted to write this blog post to share step one - How to get Blue chicken eggs on your farm or homestead and what I have learned along the way.

What chickens lay blue eggs?

This is a question with many answers. The four main types of chickens that lay blue eggs are Araucana Chickens, Ameraucauna Chickens, Cream Legbar Chickens, Easter Egger Chickens. There is always a fact that the chicken could be a cross and could produce a light shade or a dark shade of blue. In time you will find what type of chickens you like the best for the blue eggs as I did. I really do enjoy having the Easter Egger Chickens - it is not a true breed but a mixed breed. They are easy to find online to buy as chicks or at feed stores. They are my favorite because of the variety is beautiful colors they come in. You have your choice of them of many different colors as chicks. I would get a variety of light and dark colors and they would always grow up to be such beautiful chickens to add to my flock! They are smart, friendly I have found and they keep laying for me in the winter when some chickens slow down on the production due to the lack of sunlight hours. I have had a few Easter Eggers too that produce green eggs and most of the time the Easter Egger Chicken produces blue eggs for me.

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Here are some of my favorite products for Farm Fresh Eggs:

Are blue chicken eggs healthier than brown eggs?

From what I have read online there is no added benefit to eating blue eggs vs brown eggs. The protein and cholesterol content on farm fresh eggs that grocery store eggs. Plus they taste better too!! A balanced and healthy diet should include eggs but do eat them in moderation if you have heart disease or high cholesterol.

Can you taste the difference in blue eggs?

I have actually tried this myself. I made a scrambled egg with a brown egg and one with a blue egg. I then mixed up the plates and I could not tell at all white scrambled egg came out of what shell color. To me I do not think there is any difference, this is especially true if the chicken is raised under the same chicken coop, with the same living conditions and feed as each other.

Rainbow Eggs, #rainboweggs, #eggs, #eggcolors, #farmfresheggs, #farmeggs, #rainbowfood, #blueeggs, #browneggs, #greeneggs, #oliveeggers, #spottedeggs, #nutrition
Rainbow Eggs, #rainboweggs, #eggs, #eggcolors, #farmfresheggs, #farmeggs, #rainbowfood, #blueeggs, #browneggs, #greeneggs, #oliveeggers, #spottedeggs, #nutrition
Rainbow Eggs, #rainboweggs, #eggs, #eggcolors, #farmfresheggs, #farmeggs, #rainbowfood, #blueeggs, #browneggs, #greeneggs, #oliveeggers, #spottedeggs, #nutrition #eggcartons

Can you tell I enjoy laying the pretty eggs in the cartons?

Lately, I have been loving selling our farm fresh eggs to our neighbors and the blue eggs are usually everyones favorites. I always try and mix in a few in each carton of the blue eggs. I think in a simple pleasure kind of way opening a carton of colorful eggs first thing in the morning can put a smile on anyones face! Thank you for sharing this blogging journey with me. I look forward to posting weekly now that I am out of my first trimester of pregnancy ;)

Please leave comments if you have questions or if there is something you would like me to blog about.



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