Fixing the Fencing

How did we fence in most of our property for cheap? Where did we go to to purchase the materials?

The 5 acres we purchased had surrounding homes and areas surrounding us. We were extremely lucky enough that we did not have to fence the whole 5 acres. But we did have to redo some fencing on one whole side. 


We were constantly going to Tractor Supply for materials and one day a cashier told us about a Friends & Family Night for 15% off coming up. Most local Tractor Supplys have them quarterly and you can purchase up to a certain amount. I can tell you the lines are long and there is a wait for the loading doc but it was worth. Every single penny you can save in the over all scheme of building a home and developing a property is huge!

One downfall of the property is that it had huge ammount of poison oak on it. I am very allergic and censitive to the plant and it's oils. We had a lot of work to do to finish the fencing to make sure we could put animals to graze on the property.