How to grow ARTICHOKES


ARTICHOKE: This gem of a vegetable can be grown very easily and in a wider range of climates than you might expect.

Artichoke is an heirloom vegetable grown for its tender, edible flower buds. They have large thick stems topped with pinecone like flower buds. There is a strong element added when an artichoke stands tall in a garden. Artichokes are best grown in weather with cool summer temperatures & mild winters. They are perennials that can survive up to six years with mild winter areas.  Artichokes feed heavily and love water. They feed heavily their ancestors were thistles and in good soil they show some rampant growth that thistles with growing in good soil. Given the right soil amendments and conditions Artichokes will thrive for up to 6 years.


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Artichokes need room to spread and mature. They reach up to 3-4 feet rall and up to 4 feet wide given the abundant conditions. They thrive in full to partial sun depending on how hot your summer get. Some other factors that they need are light, fertilizer, well drained soil and from the start they need compost when planted.

Planting artichoke seedlings requires special care as well. They need to be planted up to 4 feet apart to help the growth of the plant for optimal growing room. In zones 6 or colder they can be planted closer together 3 feet apart is recommended. In zones 6 or colder frost will prevent the plant form reaching the mature size.

Feeding artichokes with regular plant food of miracle grow shake n feed Fruit & Vegetable Plant Food will also help. Follow the directions and make sure to keep the soil well-watered through the growing season.

Give plants a thick mulch, especially in northern growing areas. Mulch with an material, such as dry grass clippings, straw, aged manure, and make sure to pull weeds around the plant.

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I hope you find this information helpful & will inspire you to grow artichokes!!

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