Farmhouse Christmas Decor: Front Porch


The pictures I have waited to take all year.

When you have a red farmhouse front door all you want to do is decorate it for Christmas!

The first year decorating our farmhouse we built from the ground up was a dream come true! This year we decorated the weekend after Thanksgiving. Of course I was shopping around as early as October for home decor but I tried to not go too over board. I wanted to focus on natural and minimalist elements to Christmas decor and focus on the home we designed and built. We have been so busy building the last 1.5 years that I wanted to take a step back to relax this holiday season. Lets just say that has not happened but it is worth trying.

For the porch decor I thought there was no better way to show it than with our favorite animals!


This is Bella aka Bean, who is all over my social media accounts. She is my sidekick I picked out when I was a Sophomore in College at CSU Chico. My life forever changed for the better the day she came home with me. Throughout the years home has changed where we are but now we are in our forever home together. She is a huge part of my story plus I might be biased but she looks so darn cute with her Christmas hat on!


Clearly, I am also obsessed with our first bottle baby, Summer. She use to be inside more when I was bottle feeding her a few times a day. Now she makes guest appearances when my husband is not home. Hehe. For the porch decor on on white board and bat house with red door I put an old sled that has been in Trevor’s family against the fall. very simple decorating to me. Of course, a restive wreath with red berries and greenery to make the front door pop with the 2/3 panel windows. My red hunter boots that go with any season but particularity Christmas made them pop and some stringer lights with garland framing the door.

Thank you for joining me on this new blogging journey. Feel feel to pin this on your pinterest board for next years Christmas inspiration friend!

Happy Holidays, Christina


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