Winter to Spring Decor Transition


Tips for transitioning your home from winter to spring decor with a few ways to add sunshine to each room.

It is an interesting time of year for decor. It is officially spring but it is still raining everyday! As I am writing this blog post it is pouring and I just heard thunder and lightening. I have decided I am going to embrace the extra time indoors since I can not start planting the majorly of my garden yet and do a little decorating for some pops of spring indoors. I'm over the winter decor so I've been transitioning into spring decor slowly but surely & I wanted to share little snapshot pieces of our modern farmhouse.

Here are some tips for Winter to Spring Decor Transition

Tip 1.

Use foliage from outside. On my way home one day I stopped on the side of side of the road and trimmed some pieces off a bush that had beautiful thriving pink / purple flowers on the branches. I put this into a vase in the center of our table and I think it adds a wonderful touch of color. Plus it has lasted for about 2 weeks now. Very hardy and still have vibrant colors!


Tip 2.

Use items from your farm to decorate. For me I gathered some farm fresh eggs and I put them on our center island prep area. This is where we cut up our food primarily when we make breakfast. Very easy to grab the eggs from the bowl to put directly in our omelettes. Plus the rainbow colors eggs our chickens are laying make me happy to look at!


Tip 3.

Make it minimal decor. Put away all the chunky blankets and pillows that have been covering the couches ad lounge chairs. I want to spring clean early and I put away all of those items. I left on the couch minimal pillows with some stripes and texture with a light and bright blanket.


Tip 4.

Make every space functional. For our center island I put large glass containers that hold flour, sugar, and oatmeal in them. This is practical because they are items we use a lot that are easily accessible but it is neat and organized looking for spring cleaning.


A few items from Amazon that inspire how I decorated our kitchen.

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I hope these tips have helped or in any way inspired you to transition your home from winter to spring decor. I know I am waiting for the day the rain slows down and we see the sun again! Thank you so much for joining me on this blogging journey. Please let me know if there is anything you want me to blog again friends!



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