Easy Summer Farmhouse Decorating

Here are some tips & ideas for some easy summer farmhouse decorating!

Here are some tips & ideas for some easy summer farmhouse decorating!

The weather is finally starting to warm up here in California and here are some fun tips & ideas for summer farmhouse decorating. I am a very practical person and with our house being 901 square feet with our front porches we need to maximize our vertical storage space. The vertical rack we hang our egg baskets, blankets and jackets on since it is right next door to the back slider. There are some other options for small space storage in a home that can add such a refresh.

Summer Farmhouse Decorating Tips? Update Storage

Using baskets for organizing around some of my favorite ways to refresh a home. You can use baskets around the home or you can collect garden veggies to display as centerpieces on your table. In the summer time when I have an abundant harvest I love to change out the baskets the colors, texture and sizes of them! Here is a picture of Bean laying around the house with a basket next to her full our light throws for the warming up weather. My husband runs the AC when it warms up and I love any time of year to curl up with a blanket! Also to change the storage around the house with platters and wall storage. I love this vertical wall holder I use it in our house to store blankets as well. Can you tell I am obsessed with blankets?!

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Summer Farmhouse Decorating Tips? Change out Rugs!

The best part of any season refresh is the difference of pallets that you can create. I always tend to go towards more neutral parts with items that can be easily switched out. Rugs are one of my favorite I do know that we have two Labradors, Bella & Piper that play a part in the reason why I am able to switch out rugs with how they are bringing dirt into the house. I always like to get rugs that are cost effective that I can throw in the washing machine and then hand dry to get the most use out of them. These rugs are stunning for the summer farmhouse refresh:

Basket decor, #labrador, #basket, #farmhouse, #farmhousedecor #rockwall, #modernfarnhouse, #farmhousekitchem, #kitchendecor, #rock, #homesteading
Farmhouse decor #spring, #labrador, #basket, #farmhouse, #farmhousedecor #rockwall, #modernfarnhouse, #farmhousekitchem, #kitchendecor, #rock, #homesteading, #flowers, #farmfreshflowers

Summer Farmhouse Decorating Tips? Crates & Baskets

I always love to gather my produce from the garden with crate and baskets. They are some of my favorite ways of setting up my harvest on the counter. It is very hard for me to find baskets with handles and baskets with wide enough openings for your specific needs. For example for egg collecting I like the basket with a small opening- that saves me from knocking eggs out when I am walking around the homestead or baskets with small grates with I collect cherries or strawberries.

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Summer Farmhouse Decorating Tips? Door Mat Refresh

One of the best kept secret.. Door mat refresh! I mean after a long winter your door mat is muddy and grimy looking there should be a fun mat refresh for summer! I always tend to go towards ones with paw prints because of our two labs I think it adds a cute touch for our front door. Here are some other really great & affordable options to chose from!

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