Decorating your Chicken Coop: Christmas Edition


My husband said I could not decorate the house in November for Christmas so I went to the Chicken Coop & decided to get into the holiday spirit


This year is our first year in our newly built home together for Christmas while living in it! And I do not think I could tell you how excited I am for this season!


For 2 years we lived with Trevor’s parents to save money and it did not feel the same to decorate someone else’s home for the holidays. This year we are all ready for holiday decorating. Starting in October we started the conversation of how we were going to decorate, this conversation was about having lights inside and outside.

Apparently I was the only one ready to actually start the decorating in November. I started with our cute chicken coop that in a mini replica of our house.



I went with simple decor for our chicken coop that is exposed to all the elements outside. The two galvanized buckets I had laying around from feeds I put in rosemary plants in the shape of Christmas trees on both sides of the dual opening doors.

The rosemary serves a double reason of why it is there. The rosemary visually is very festive for the season & you might not know that rosemary has huge health benefits for chickens. I will go into detail on a later post about this.

Rosemary is sitting in the bucket behind Summer (my bottle baby goat). Rosemary is a huge benefit to have around the chicken coop because of the fresh woody fragrance. But it also responsible for helping with respiratory health in chickens.It is also a great natural insecticide, so will help repel any pesky insects that hang around your coop.


This is Tom he loves to be in picture! He will photo-bomb and try to stand right in front of your camera, it is like he knows how handsome he when he struts.


I had an extra blank fake green wreath lying around that I added a red bow to & some gold bells. The wreath is hanging from our deer rack on the chicken coop. I think it adds a rustic feel to the chicken coop.


Christmas Wreaths

No holiday home or chicken coop is complete without a festive wreath. Whether you’re welcoming guests in style, or completing your outdoor decor, wreaths are an easy way to add holiday cheer to any door. From glam gold tones to lush, leafy greens, there’s a wreath out there for everyone.


Now go decorate your coop for Christmas! It can be cheap with plants from the garden and buckets you find around the homestead. Little pops of green & red never looked so good. Happy Holidays friends!



Chicken Coop: Christmas Edition